LB HuntCase Cover (1)About a year ago, we decided that we needed to figure out a way to create a more steady flow of content. Since every podcast that we had ever been on before was so much fun, we decided to start out own! We wanted to create a HuntCast that was to-the-point and offered 1 of 3 things: information, a story, or a discussion/debate we have ever had about hunting.

With those goals in mind, we started reading reviews about audio equipment and finally took the dive. It is our goal that in under 40 minutes, either from us or our guests, you listen to a tip/strategy we have learned, listen to a great hunting story, or think about a debatable topic surrounding hunting…We call this, a “HUNTROVERSY”. Weigh in on what side you fall under by letting us know under the contact tab of our website or on social media!

Our plan is to crank these podcasts out weekly. Thank-you for listening and if you know of someone (maybe yourself) who would be a great guest OR has an idea for a “HUNTROVERSY” let us know by contacting us through this website!

Thanks for listening! #dontwasteit


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