Garrett and Grant“When we first began brainstorming the ideas that would become the foundation of our brand, we had initially pictured “Last Breath TV” as a TV show only. This would be the ultimate show that we could share with our friends and family. As time went on, and our love for videography and photography grew, our company blossomed into what it is today, a highly functioning media agency that caters to many needs of a growing digital space.

Whether the team sits down to produce an episode, or snaps the shutter on a camera, our end goal is to elicit an emotional response from our viewers and partners. We can ensure that this happens by cataloging memories behind of and in front of the camera. Garrett and I wanted more than anything to instill emotion in our viewers and clients, those that range from the hardcore outdoorsmen and women of the world, all the way to a bride that is planning to celebrate her big day and wants to preserve her memories.”

-Grant Putnam


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